... of the fundamental values of Honneur is reinventing ourselves with each project by working on a unique experience. There are fundamental ideas and design philosophies that customise every project from Architecture to the tiniest detail, shifting boundaries and setting new standards all with refinement and integrity.

Led by its creative director, Antoine Bouillot together with architect Bruno Quijano, the Honneur team is united by the belief that Design defines human progress, thus creating spaces with a unique identity, rich in craftsmanship, leading to grounded timelessness rather than ephemeral design. In a period of consumption, we are creating spaces that last.

Working across residential, hospitality, retail & hotel design. We provide full design services from initial concepts through to finished buildings & spaces, all combining seamless alignment of cultural and design sensibilities, modern luxury, and craftsmanship to shape the world around us.

We offer our Clients a personalised design service and work collaboratively to develop and articulate a unique vision for their projects. To learn more about how we can partner in ushering your ideas into reality let’s talk.


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Capture d’écran 2019-10-03 à 16.45.31

Architectural Design,

Interior Design & Art curating,


Art Direction & Installational Art directing.